2 open lots for rent, and homes for sale in our Park.

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Kobus/Sheve M.H. Park

2 open lots for rent, and homes for sale in our Park.

Post by Kobus/Sheve M.H. Park » Thu Aug 01, 2002 11:24 am

The name of our Park is Kobus/Sheve M.H. Park. We have 2 lots for rent. One of our lots someone could put a seasonal RV on and rent it for the summer months. We also have some homes that are for sale by our tenants.
Our address is:
Kobus/Sheve M.H. Park
Russ & Linda Sheve (owners)
12735 S. White Potato Lk. Rd.
Pound, WI. 54161
Phone: 1-920-897-3713
Fax: 1-920-897-5410
email: [email protected]

We are located 60 miles North of Green Bay, WI. on beautiful White Potato Lake. White Potato Lake is a 1000 acre lake, which people can fish, water ski, ski jet, swim, or whatever water sport you enjoy. In the lake there are different kinds of fish such as walley, muskey, northern, pan fish, perch, and more. And our local sportsmens club plants more fish in the lake every year. In the winter months there are plenty of things to do also, snowmobileing, ice fishing, x-country sking, etc. We are located not far from small towns like Crivitz, Coleman, Pound, Wis., and are not far from casino action if that is what you enjoy. There are resorts, and supper clubs for your enjoyment also within a short distance.

Our Park was started in 1961 by our parents. And we have been going strong ever since. Our parents are now passed away. Myself, my family, and my brother now own our Park, which we have enjoyed this business for all of our lives. Our Park has only changed over the years in the way of our tenants putting in newer homes, and keeping our Park looking great, and a great place for all of us to enjoy. Most of our tenants are seasonal, but we do have some that live here year around. If you rent our lot seasonal you pay one price for the year, if you live here year around you pay monthly. We have two types of atomisphiers in our Park, one is a camp ground type atomisphier, where there are older smaller homes, and we turn off the water in the winter months, and then there is another part where there are bigger homes, and it is more of a privite type setting. There is a public sewer system around White Potato Lake, and we do not charge for water. We have enjoyed the last 41 years of our business, and our tenants, and plan to have many more years of enjoyment with our Park, and our tenants. We have tenant's of all ages.
So if you are interested in our Park, please use the contact information that I have included, and we would be glad to speak with you, or get back to you as soon as we can.
Thank you so much for taking the time to check out this posting, and we hope that each, and everyone of you have a great day, as we do every day being here on beautiful White Potato Lake.

Take care,
Russ & Linda Sheve
Mr. James Kobus

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Re: 2 open lots for rent, and homes for sale in our Park.

Post by kwilliamson » Mon Oct 23, 2017 3:23 pm

Hello there,
Could you share some photos of those homes?
Thanks :ugeek: :ugeek: :ugeek:

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