Mobile Home selling Question

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David Oxhandler

Re: Mobile Home selling Question

Post by David Oxhandler » Wed Mar 15, 2006 6:41 am

Im afraid that you have been misinformed about home appreciation/depreciation - But dont feel like your alone. "Many Americans have been victimized by an outdated conception of manufactured homes—one which has been perpetuated in the news media... IN FACT, manufactured homes held up well, even when compared to site-built homes. That this was be the case should not really surprise anyone: since 1999, manufactured homes have been built and installed to standards tougher than any but the most recent codes for site-built structures."
See for a better understanding of the myths surrounding manufactured housing.


Re: Mobile Home selling Question

Post by rmurray » Wed Mar 15, 2006 8:06 pm

The only reason you have had a problem selling your home at a respectable price is that you want the buyer to move the home...It would not matter what kind of home you had on the lot..if you sold it without the land you would have lost lots....The brick house would have lost much more if sold the same way...So much so you would have never thought of selling it with out the land....

If you had treated your manufactured home as any other type of home..It too would have treated you well...Your hubby's insistence on keeping this going to cost you tens of thousands...Only you and home can decide if this land is worth that much more to keep...My advice early on would have been to sell the whole package like any other home..

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