Preventing Septic Pipe freeze-up

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Preventing Septic Pipe freeze-up

Post by bguy49 » Tue Oct 05, 2021 10:42 am

I bought my home last summer and come winter the temps hit 30below here
and my septic pipes froze solid and nowhere for the water to go! The warranty
was still on so I called and the setup crew which came out and releveled the
pipes and insulated the exposed septic pipes. Spring came and temps rose
so I never got to see if this worked! Now that winter is coming again, I am
wondering how confident the experts are that this will not freeze up again?
I had asked the crew to add a heat tape to the pipes, just incase ..... but they
did not. The question is; is insulating septic pipes sufficient or should I add
heat tape, just incase? I hate to be froze up again!!!


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