Tub repair?

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Tub repair?

Post by Krystal » Sat Aug 03, 2019 5:58 pm

I have a 1985 Artcraft, 16x70.

My shower/tub is all one piece, it's the tub and then goes up the walls with no breaks or lines, if that makes sense. Not all the way up to the ceiling, but near.

I must have dropped something in the back of the tub, probably a metal shave cream can or similar, and I noticed today when cleaning it that there's a....cracked circle? The crack is in a circle as if there's a hole, but there's not an actual hole. And then some cracking nearby it. I'm sorry about this weird description but words aren't coming to mind here apparently.

Now this tub feels plasticy to me, but what do I know? I called the local "mobile home repair guy" and he said there's no way to repair these tubs and replacing the type I have would be extremely difficult, lots of labor, removing the sink and toilet to get the new tub brought in, and looking at "thousands of dollars". Apparently a different guy quoted my neighbor $9k for tub replacement, and his isn't even this apparently "difficult" kind that I have.

Is this for real? Does anyone else have this type of tub design? It's almost like a bath fitter type thing, but no wall pieces it's just one whole unit. Is there any hope for a repair? There's no way I could afford a replacement at this point in my life, I need a furnace and roof and I've racked up a few grand in medical bills by having kidney stones. Just looking to hear some hopefully good news, and to find out if anyone else in the world has this type of tub!

Sorry for the long story and lots of text! I'm over here in a panic!

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