Pergo wetprotect flooring

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Pergo wetprotect flooring

Post by Tropicalcats » Mon May 20, 2019 11:43 am

Thanks for having me on the site.
Recently purchased a home in the park I currently rent in. The house is set they can for roughly 4 years and much to my surprise very little in the way of soft floors, mainly around the two toilets. Had an AC guy come out and that is in great condition didn’t even need any more refrigerant. All in all the houses in good shape.
Glad I came across this board because I am sure I will have many many questions as time goes on. My first one is this. After an exhausted search my wife is finally picked out the flooring that she would like.We are going to install in the kitchen and baths and entryway Pergo wet protect waterproof flooring. Should I use a vapor barrier as a underlayment for the laminate? I have not gotten under the house to see if there is a vapor barrier underneath but would it hurt to put a vapor barrier under the flooring ? Or should I just go with a non-vapor barrier product under the flooring?
Thanks in advance

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