Floor insulation on double wide home

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Floor insulation on double wide home

Post by oldspiceman » Sun Mar 31, 2019 5:49 pm

3 years ago, I purchased a double wide mobile home that I put on a crawlspace foundation. The home came with about 2 feet thick of bats insulation wrapped in plastic installed under the floors. While I like the additional insulation, I have a couple of concerns:
First, my home is in New Hampshire and we're at the end of a cold and snowy winter. However, about two weeks ago I noticed multiple black ants in the house despite there still being 2 feet + of snow on the ground and fairly cold temperatures(20-30 degrees). Should I be concerned about the insulation creating ideal conditions for insects to nest in?
Im also concerned about the insulation trapping moisture, especially in the humid months of summer...
Ultimately, im trying to figure out if the insulation in the crawlspace is doing more harm than good and if Ishould think about removing it...any thoughts or experience with this sort of thing?

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