Moduline mobile home issues

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Moduline mobile home issues

Post by ShopCrazy » Tue Oct 23, 2018 3:11 pm

I have been waiting a long time to make a post on this issue. We purchased a property several years ago (2010). The property has a moduline mobile home on it that was purchased in approximately 2004. The home was manufactured in Medicine Hat, Alberta.
The issue we had was fairly major in that the siding that was installed on the home is a 4x8 sheet product simular to hard board but made with an OSB type of material.
The outside walls are approximately 8 1/2' in height so the bottom 6" of the wall were not covered by the siding. The manufacturer then installed 6" of OSB along the bottom of the wall and covered that with a strip of a facing material (made of the same material as the siding) this strip was approximately 12" wide.
There was no sealant or flashing installed above the facing strip.
About 1 year after we moved in we started noticing the facing strip was starting to pull away from the home and on further exploration we discovered that the entire rim joist was rotted around the entire Perimeter of the home. I contacted the dealer and moduline and was told that the home warantee did not cover water intrusion or the damage caused by the water intrusion.
I set about repairing the damage, and what a pile of work that ended up being.
I will track down some pictures and add them shortly.

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