Experience with Modular/Manufactured Homes

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Experience with Modular/Manufactured Homes

Post by karenpawlak » Wed Jun 06, 2018 9:17 am


My mom is 67 and lives 10 miles outside of town by herself in the home I grew up in, in Montana. My dad died last year and she has decided she doesn't want to deal with winters in the country any more, so she'd like to move 'into town'. Unfortunately there are no decent homes in the tiny town that she lives in, so she is considering buying a prebuilt modular home and putting it up on an empty lot. I've been in some of these types of homes and haven't really been impressed with the fixtures, flooring, etc. But I'm sure that there are all sorts of quality levels when it comes to purchasing one of these homes. If you have experience in this area, can you recommend a specific companies or builders? We are just getting started so thoughts on the basics up to specifics are appreciated!

Please help.

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Re: Experience with Modular/Manufactured Homes

Post by xraycher » Thu Jun 21, 2018 2:58 pm

We are in the process of moving into our first manufactured home. We looked at many homes before settling on one by a company called Deer Valley. Although we thought many of the homes looked great when we first started looking, when we walked into the Deer Valley home it stood out for quality purposes. There is nothing in this home that is reminiscent of a mobile. WE bought ours as a modular and had it placed on a foundation.

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