low humidity help

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low humidity help

Post by cdog0809 » Sat Feb 01, 2020 10:14 pm

hello new here i have a 2019 clayton home
and for some reason my inside humidity is at 41%-43% and i currently have my ecobee thermostat set on 70 degrees and its still really cool in my home i'm starting to see some wet spots on certain parts of my walls and i don't want that to lead to mold what can i do too fix it?
the under belly of the home is fine no rips HOWEVER my underpinning is torn down we had some pretty bad winds and i haven't had time to repair it yet.
could that be the culprit? all my windows and doors stay shut and i was told that since my humidity is low that will cause my home to stay cool.
plz help i moved from a molded home last year i don't wanna repeat that again
below are some pictures that i have taken its a little worse now then it was in the pictures


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