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Cannot access my account

Posted: Mon Nov 29, 2004 6:11 pm
by Charles Medenbach

I have been using my email address

[email protected]

along with the password that was emailed to me to log in to my account, and i STILL cant get in. Whats the problem here? Please help, i need to update my profile... thanks!

Re: Cannot access my account

Posted: Tue Nov 30, 2004 9:51 am
by Peter
Hello Charles,

Your mother would know your name (smile).

User name: Charles Medenbach

We recommend using the first and last name of the person who is responsible for the listing. We make this recommendation so that intersted prospects know who to speak with when they call about your listing. If you have a listing online simply look at the contact name and you will have your user name.

We do not support using email addresses for user names. Complicating a user name with initials and punctuation only increase the likely hood of errors when entering your name.

Try using your original password once you have remembered your name. If you used an incorrect name when you requested the "new" password, it will not work with the correct user name.

Computers are absolutely literal. A person who was having great difficualty and becoming very unfriendly after repeatedly entering an incorrect user data explained, "I was only off by one letter". Please don't "assume" any name or password would be different than how you received it.

Please write down your user name and password when you set up your account so it will be easy for you to access your listing(s).

We have many postings regarding user names and passwords and the replies are all very similar. Please take a few minutes and look through the "Topics" for information on your question before writing, often the information you seek is already available and you won't have to wait for business hours to get what you need. Don't forget to to check the "Older Messages" link for more topics.

Thank you,