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Selling a DW MH w/ a retired title. ? do lenders need in PA?

Posted: Tue Sep 30, 2014 10:29 am
by vina248
:x I live in PA and I am selling my 1975 DW MH on .44 acres of land. I have 3 potential buyers but my real estate broker said no one will do a loan without a title. The title was retired in 1976 and became real property which we have an affidavit for and the deed on the dwelling & property. I have records all the back from the tax office. We received copies of all paperwork on title when we bought it 2000. I need help in knowing what lenders need in PA to show that a title was retired that long ago and how we can get a lender to help our buyers? This seems so ridiculous since we had no issue getting financing in 2000 with the affidavit, have lenders gone mad?