remove axles

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remove axles

Post by bdkcu » Sat Feb 23, 2008 6:31 pm

has anyone removed the wheels/axles/cariage of a single wide that is already in place? the underside seems to be fully accessable. I've jacked up foundations before on a site built - would jacking up the floor off the carriage and pulling out the carriage replacing it with footers/etc work?

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Re: remove axles

Post by David Oxhandler » Sat Feb 23, 2008 9:10 pm

If you home is a manufactured home that is built to the HUD code it is probably NOT sitting on the axles or wheels.  In some parts of the country the running gear is not  reused so it is worthless for the installer to remove. But it has no value as part of a permanent foundation system.    Your home absolutely can raise the home and the running gear removed.  If you not having any issues with excessive settlement or other foundation related problems I would not move it.  The longer that home has been there the more it has settled in place, as All structures do.   Raising and lowering the home will almost surly put the home out of level.  Unless you have the tools and experience to relevel the home (or were planning on releveling the home anyway) you may do more harm than good.   Wheels and axles that are installed on today's manufactured homes are designed for a very limited life expectancy. After installation, the modern manufactured home is not very mobile. If the wheels and axles are left under the home the tires will rot over time and the axles will rust and freeze. In many states there are laws regulating reuse of axles. Here in Florida the only person who can legally purchase them is a licensed recycler, who has to inspect, lube and often rebuild the axles so they can be reused. The most effective way to learn about the step by step process involved in properly installing a manufactured home is a great five-part video series with George Porter, the industry's most respected installation specialist. Click Here for More Details This will give you an edge when choosing sub-contractors and help you make sure the site preparation and installation is done right and to your expectation.
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