Window Air Conditioner Installation

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Window Air Conditioner Installation

Post by Tim » Sat Jun 12, 2004 7:24 pm

This is Tim again,

I need some tips to install a Goldstar 5,000 BTU window air conditioner in the main bedroom of a 1998 Commodore 55' x 14' home. I've only owned the home since January 2004. The window system that the home uses has 2 panel single pane tickness in metal fames that are flush with the outside of the home (the screens are at this location also) while there 's a similar 2 panel single pane thickness in metal frames that are flush with the inside drywall. Both the inside and outside windows slide up and down and are separated by a space, Im guessing, that is that apprximately the thickness of a 2 x 4.

So are there any standard procedures in mounting/installing a window air conditioner in this type of window system? If the expansion panels are used to "fill the gap" for the inner set of panes, what do you do about the outside set?( remove screen and move the bottom glass panel up along with this top panel?) If so, what do yo do about the inner botton panel with the spacing? Will there be any security issues with installing a window air conditioner with this type of windiow system.

Is there any reference material that someone can steer me to aid in installation for Commodore homes?

Thanks, in advance.



Re: Window Air Conditioner Installation

Post by Mark » Sat Jun 12, 2004 8:20 pm

I hate those kinds of windows, very popular in mobile homes unfortunately.

Make sure you have access to an outlet that can handle the load (no computers, tv's or other electronics on the same circuit as the a/c).

Don't center the unit in the window, put it to one edge, a 5k unit is small enough that you won't need a support, as long as you put the unit on the edge of the window. If you center it, you will need a support (outside) underneath to hold the weight (rather than the window holding it).

What you will need to do is install the window unit to the outside panel, and simply leave the inside panel up. I'd use plywood rather than the expandable panels, and screw the window in position, otherwise it is an easy entry point for thieves.

Make sure the unit angles down to the outside, or water will drip inside, calk around any cracks especially around the units frame, or you will get condensation dripping on the inside as well.

You can also install it to the inside panel, place the plywood on the outside panel, you can do this IF there is enough distance between the front on the unit and the start of it's intake fins.

Note that if you install this on a window that doesn't have an overhang, you WILL get water inside the window frame, no matter how well you caulk, seal and tape.

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