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Nothing behind the bathtub

Posted: Mon May 13, 2024 7:40 pm
by ingridguerci94
One of our projects was to replace most all of the faucets and the porcelain sinks. A drill & a jig saw gave us access to replace the faucet in the tub. I wasn't going to mess w/ the show head.

A web cam and a mag-light confirmed what I didn't see. There is absolutely no insulation between the exterior wall and the fiberglass.

I'd like to address this before winter really sets in so I'm looking for help.

There's limited access between the tub and the wall. I'm not familiar with the spray on urethane to know if they can "reach back there."

How disastrous would it be to dislodge the tub? The drain is in the middle. Even though I've done my fair share of plumbing I've never worked on removing and replacing the drain.

Thank you in advance!

Re: Nothing behind the bathtub

Posted: Wed Jul 03, 2024 8:18 pm
by otabeen
It sounds like a tricky situation! If there's limited access, using spray foam insulation might be a good option. They have long nozzles that can reach into tight spaces. Removing the tub can be quite a task, especially with a center drain.