For 3 years, my NoVo decking subfloor has been swelling up between joists

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For 3 years, my NoVo decking subfloor has been swelling up between joists

Post by Lyndalu76 » Wed Sep 14, 2022 9:00 pm

I know this is this place where I will finally find some answers. 2004 Cavalier doublewide manufactured home. This began 3 years ago, it is myself 47 Y/O female and my little girl who is 7 who us nonverbal and nonmobile. I only mention this in hopes someone will be able to answer without a doubt, what is the reason. 3 years ago, kitchen floor started swelling in waves, restoration company blamed it on pin hole leak in supply line, replaced with 3/4 inch plywood, then a few months later dining room started swelling, I crawled underneath and found the crossover HVAC duct hanging down to ground, and had been full of water for quite some time. I removed all belly board insulation and seeing the exposed ducts constantly sweating, removed all ducts and hvac unit and just gave it away, replaced insulation and placed plastic sheeting covering ground underneath but was advised to leave 3 inches open around perimeter of brick underpinning. Here is year number 3, same time of year, humid NC. Living room and bedroom, swelling like ocean waves.....I have been told it's ground water and moisture and just keep replacing it with plywood until I get gutters, a French drain, or dig a mote.....I don't live in a be we all have to replace subfloors....and I don't see very many posts at all about swelling subfloor, mostly soft spots and crumbling, mine has always only swelled up between joists, room by room, this time, there is mold on top of subfloor but not underneath......does my home just have an underground spring underneath...I'm so tired, but I won't give up....please please share your knowledge........I've been told so many different things....I'm losing out on precious time with one very sick little girl. I grated around the brick skirting with fill dirt and then topped with crushed gravel hand with a shovel and packed it rolling a 50 gallon water barrel over it 2 years ago, I imagine that was for nothing, but it's ok......I have tried and put forth lots of effort and prayer. I was a paramedic prior to my daughters birth and I just am begging for honest good advice. It would be worth more to me than gold....

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