Question about Kitchen Renovation Permits

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Question about Kitchen Renovation Permits

Post by Unindyawe » Mon Nov 16, 2020 11:16 am

I live in California and we are getting a kitchen remodel done and extending a gas line from the furnace to the kitchen for a cooktop. Due to my own negligence and the contractor saying that it doesn't require a permit, the work is currently being done now and I just found out that we actually do need a permit for it.

I am wondering what my options are at this point? Is it generally fine to go ahead without permits, as long as we disclose it when it's time to sell in 10-15 years?

Or could I ask my contractor to get a permit now, although I've heard it can take a while now due to Covid.

In addition to the gas line, we are also moving a 220v outlet for a wall-mounted oven.

I am definitely feeling stressed about this and am beating myself up for not doing enough research.

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