Removing Plywood Sheathing

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Removing Plywood Sheathing

Post by K8eB » Thu Jun 11, 2020 10:52 pm

Hi! Apologies if this is covered somewhere... I searched but couldn't find a thread on it.

I need to replace my roof and the plywood sheathing under it. We'll be doing this ourselves as contractors in our area are pricey. We are a bit nervous about the process of removing the old sheathing.

We have a mid 90s double wide and it has (what appears to be) flimsy trusses. They are made mostly of 1 by 2s from what I can see. How do you pull up the old sheathing without destroying the trusses? I have been trying to find videos of this but haven't had any luck.

Any advice, words or wisdom, links to videos, etc. is appreciated! Thank you!

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