1969 Marlette Roof Leak

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1969 Marlette Roof Leak

Post by cjb2145 » Fri May 01, 2020 8:41 pm

My wife and I bought a motel that also has six 1969 Marlette mobile homes on it. One of them has a leak in the center of the kitchen. I put a fresh coat of tar on the front 1/3 and the middle hump (middle 1/3) thinking that the leak can't be coming from the back 1/3.

The fresh tar fixed the problem for about 8 months until this week and it has started leaking again. I'm thinking that I will put another coat of tar on it paying special attention to getting the edges which look rough in some spots. I avoided the edges the first time I did this because I was concerned the tar might go over the side and get on the siding.

Any thoughts or suggestions on why the roof may be leaking again and alternatives other than applying another layer of tar to the roof? (I tried attaching pics. and kept getting a message that the image is too large.)

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