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Fireplace Built-in / Structural Help

Posted: Tue Sep 12, 2017 2:45 pm
by Mommaof5
I am currently renovating our 76x28 double wide and have finally hit a snag I am unsure about. I am including 2 photos of mock ups that I have done to show what I am talking about.

Currently, there is a column that I am assuming was used to support the roof in transport. I was wanting to build shelving in on either side of the fireplace that would consist basically of extending the dividing sections for the pantry, fireplace, and cubby that are currently there and placing shelves into the nooks to create a built-in effect on both sides of the fireplace. I thought that extending those walls would support the roof better than a 6 in by 8 in column would.

The second part of my .idea is the part I am most doubtful about. I have torn out a fireplace in a single wide before and it was just a big metal enclosure with the chimney pipe coming out of the top. Pretty basic. I was actually shocked when we did it because I thought all fireplaces were brick/stone. After looking at different idea photos, I REALLY love the hearths that are off the ground. Currently mine sits on the floor. If anyone has experience and can lend advice, I would really like to know if it is possible to raise the fireplace about the same height of a concrete block (about 7-8 inches). I have never done that before, but would really like to since I have to replace the chimney pipe anyway.