Replace Roof Sheathing and Truss Questions

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Replace Roof Sheathing and Truss Questions

Post by webmonk » Mon Aug 28, 2017 8:11 am

We have a mid 80s manufactured home. I am in the process of replacing the shingles. I have some concerns about the integrity of the sheathing and trusses because there is some waviness in the shingles. I took a picture to show, but it doesn't come out clearly in a picture. The house has two layers of shingles and not much in the way of venting. No gable vents, no turbine vents, just two low profile vents. There is a gap at the top where it may, at one time, had a ridge vent, but I don't see any signs that it did. Even if it did, it was covered by two layers of shingles so it wasn't venting anything.

I tore some shingles off to get an idea what lies beneath. Although the sheathing looks clean and dry, it definitely has a bit of sag to it. I pulled one up that was around a skylight I am removing to see how things look underneath. I placed a level on one of the trusses and you can see a sag below.
20170828_082655.jpg (225.78 KiB) Viewed 1276 times
On the bottom of the sheathing I noticed some mold. Nothing I would say that is terrible, but there none the less.
20170828_082114_LI.jpg (250.87 KiB) Viewed 1276 times
With this in mind, can someone provide some advice on the following questions.

1) should I replace all the sheathing?

2) if yes, should I upgrade it from 7/16 to 1/2? I figured this would help with future sagging.

3) Should I do anything to deal with the sagging or just shim to give the sheathing something to lay on?


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Re: Replace Roof Sheathing and Truss Questions

Post by Mommaof5 » Sat Sep 30, 2017 10:57 pm

My husband and I actually run into a similar concern with our double wide which is a 2000 model. The materials they used in the manufacturing was really questionable. After talking to a few people we know who are in the construction business and roofing industry, We decided that what would be best was to remove all the shingles and the sheeting and definitely upgrade to a 1/2 inch and to install new vents on all the vented places (I am still not 100% sure what some of them were for) and install a standard roof vent.

The mildew that was on the piece you shown is just confirmation that either something had a very small leak that was fairly recent, or the roof is not being vented enough. If they appear clean and in good shape, my bet is on improper ventilation. I would make sure any bathrooms you have in the home are properly exhausted as well. We found one that was just blowing into our trusses and had to remove the "insulation" that was in there and replace it.

All in all, replacing the entire roof can get pricey. Our home is 80x24 and we ended up paying out about 7k and doing the labor ourselves. But our home is more comfortable now. It is much easier to heat and cool and our power bill went down by about $50 a month because of the insulation we put in where it was needed.

I hope this helps you to decide how to proceed. For us it was worth it.

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