That hat on the roof over my furnace vent

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That hat on the roof over my furnace vent

Post by loveoldtrux » Wed Nov 19, 2014 11:53 am

My 26 year old doublewide mobile home has developed a bad water leak on that hat looking thing on the roof (where the propane furnace used to vent out from - or does it breathe in here?... can't afford to put propane in tank so I can no longer heat with propane but it still leaks here...). Every time it rains.... big puddles form in front of it already ruining the floor.

What is the "real name" of this thing? It's rusted.... I could probably get a replacement for it and install it myself but don't know what to look for. I would imaging Flues are different sizes... is there a "generic replacement" for this piece?

Thank you - feet wet in Georgia!

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