Please Help My Family They Are In Need..:'(

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Please Help My Family They Are In Need..:'(

Post by delaware8451 » Thu Jul 26, 2012 6:57 pm

Hello my names Robert Coking. I am 28 and I live in seaford DE. I come to you in my time of need and see if there is anything that anyone can do for me and my family. Well my mom and dad are both sick and me also. We live been living in the house for about a year. Between the bills and medical bills we can't get by. My mom has COPD and a enlarged heart. It scares me everyday when she holds her chest I thinks she gonna have a heart attach. It all comes from the stress. One thing I hate to see is my mom cry and that kills me so much. I hate to see my mom unhappy and sad its not fair. She does so much for so many people but never gets any help for herself. Well just found out our landlord is kicking us out for no reason. Just because the rent we pay him doesn't pay for the mortgage.Me and my mother both are on SSDI. I have contacted so many people to see if anyone can help family with disabilities but know one seems to care. I am doing what I was ment to do and how I was raised. I will go to the ends of the earth to help my my family. Who lives in the house is me Robert 28, my Sister Angela 23, My Nephew Tyler 7, My Mother Darlene 47, My Father Anthony 49. I just do not want my family to be homeless. I do not care about myself at this point I just want to make sure my parents are safe. If there is anything you or anyone can do to help us and keep us for being homeless that would be great. I know you might think I am here for free handouts but that's not the case. I tryed to help my family and I can't. I am now asking for your help to help me make my familys dreams come true.I don't know how much more stress my mom can take. Please don't let me burrie my mom she means everything to me. Again I ask from the bottom of my heart please help my family. Thank you so much for your time. God bless.

Robert Coking
10072 Fay Ave
Seaford ,DE 19973

Heres my email [email protected]

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