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installing new insulation panels under triple-wide mobilehome

Posted: Sat Oct 15, 2011 9:29 pm
by brotherb
there are various areas under my moms mobilhome that have been torn out by companies doing work on her home and they did not even give my mom the respect to her and repair the damaged panels they demolished i just recently moved in to be her caregiver,she took care of me for alot of years so im returning my love to her by repairing her home (triple-wide) that has been damaged by PG&E,Contractors,you know the people that take adcantage of our elderly society..1 Question Sirs,"are there 2X12 wood sub-floor studs to attach insulation to?? your out of site,i will be needing your guidance on these matters as they come or to purchase that mobilehome manual?