mobile home set-up

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specialty contracting

mobile home set-up

Post by specialty contracting » Tue Mar 04, 2003 10:10 pm

Specialty Contracting is a mobile home set-up company specializing in start
to finish mobie home set-ups,we dig and pour pads,prim.footers,trim,set,pour
sidewalks,driveways,ditches,drains,you name it.we do it all at competive prices
if we can be of service call us at (304)823-1456 or email at [email protected]

Robert D. Voelckel

Re: mobile home set-up

Post by Robert D. Voelckel » Wed Mar 05, 2003 4:00 pm

Wondering what the costs would be to set up a 2bd 1 ba manufactured home on a yet to be purchased piece of property in California City, CA. Utilities available at property line. I am currently located in Upland.


Re: mobile home set-up

Post by Carl » Sat Mar 29, 2003 3:55 am

what area to you go to?

Lee Malcom

Re: mobile home set-up

Post by Lee Malcom » Tue Dec 16, 2003 11:28 pm

Our 32x76 is less than a year old and we have major problems. Our dealer handled contracting the work out. The contractor that was responsible for delivery and set up did not install our home properly, according to factory specs, . Footers were poured before a soil compaction test was done, footers were poured over wood, and none were poured to support marriage wall, resulting in our home sinking 6 to 8 inches. Now we have bowed walls, door ways out of square as much as 1 1/2 inches, ceiling is cracking in numerous places, all types of interior mouldings are coming loose (seams no longer join properly), and our block and stucco underpinning is cracking (some cracks from home to ground). Home is shifting vertically & horizontally. A second contractor, who was responsible for homesite preparation, did not crown the ground where home was placed. Now we have excessive moisture under home causing mold, mildew, rust on frame, and insect infestation. This same contractor also installed our septic tank and did not pack the dirt once it was covered, our back yard is washing away. We requested that a new driveway be put in because original access began on the lot next to ours, this dirt was not packed as well, we are unable to use it. Yes, we were charged for this and also charged for partially filling in an 100 plus year old well, that is on our neighbor's lot. From early on, we were deceived. We borrowed an additional $15,000 for these land/home improvements to satisfy our covenants. On numerous occassions the sales person assured us that we would have approx. $5,000 left for some new furniture. All monies were spent. We were also told our payments would be $675/per mo, add additional $100 to $125/per mo for escrow. In the attorney's office at final closing, our payments were revealed $923/per mo (difference being PMI). This home was set up on our land. Of course, we borrowed enough to consolidate land, home, and improvements. Final figure $107,500!!! No one associated with this deal wants to accept responsiblity. They recommend we call the state fire marshall. From what I understand, only safety issues will be taken care of, not cosmetic issues as well. What happened to the american dream, "own your own home." It's been a nightmare and it's not over.
Any advice?

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