Ins Co Conflict - Roofing upgrade issue

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Ins Co Conflict - Roofing upgrade issue

Post by caso » Mon Apr 11, 2011 8:01 pm

I manage a Mobile Home park in albeta canada. We have alot of older homes in 2 parks. We ask the tenants to renovate and upgrade the homes. Most of the insurance companies have no issue and are greatful. Some of the insurance companies have issue with peek roof renovation on older units claiming it changes the original structure of the home and they wont insure it. the two sides to the issue are - side one. for peek roof upgrade - peek roof puts a new no leak roof on the structure, takes less snow load while adding minimal overall weight to the home and increases the R value significantly. The con side against peek roof upgrades - some old trailers are 1x1 construction and the walls cant take the added weight of the wood peek roof and added snow load and it risks roof and wall collapsae, that it does not deflect that much snow load. Metal roofs weigh significantly less than a wood roof, has a bit less R value but if well insulated you dont loose R value, and a peek metal roof will disperse considerably greater amounts of snow load as it slides off the roof where a shingle wood roof holds more snow on the roof. Our park recommends upgrades but does not mandate anyone to put a peek roof on the unit. some of the tenants who have gone peek roof cant get certin insurance companies to cover them after renovations. Other companies have no issue with it either way and are just happy the home owner did upgrades and renovations. help me out here to explane to tenants. I was told by one company they sold most of there business to another insurance company, and are only insuring newer trailers 1990 and up and they cant cover any changes to the existing structure is the story this one insurance company gave.. what is the real story here? thank you in advance for any assistance you can be in this matter. Caso

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Re: Ins Co Conflict - Roofing upgrade issue

Post by David Oxhandler » Mon Apr 11, 2011 9:28 pm

I am not very well informed about the difference in the Canadian MH Construction code and the HUD code here in the States, so please understand my answer is based on my experience here. mostly in Florida.

We also have roof issues with insurance companies. Here they are concerned with lift from tropical winds rather than the crushing possibilities of snow loads.

To put a new roof on MH here we must get permits from the building department. The department insists on sealed engineered drawings and work only by licensed contractors. This was not always so but fear of litigation has regimented the situation.

I did start my MH career in New England where snow was a major concern. In both the north and south I have found that the aluminum roof pans designed specificity to roof over a manufactured home are the most effective and economic solution. Most suppliers offer foam sheeting that you can install below the pans for added insulation.

Take a look at for the best online example of this type system.
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