Florida Insurance For Older Manufactured Homes

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Florida Insurance For Older Manufactured Homes

Post by tedesmith » Sat Aug 05, 2006 11:37 am

When our former insurer, no longer wrote insurance on older homes in Florida, we were forced to go to Citizens. We have a 1978 24 x40, located in a adult park in Central Florida. Wondering if there are any companies now writing insurance on older homes. Ours is in excellent condition.
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Ted Smith

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Re: Florida Insurance For Older Manufactured Homes

Post by admin » Sun Aug 06, 2006 6:35 am

I am sorry that you are having a problem finding a more reasonable quote. I share your frustration. I personally experienced this problem as the insurance company that covered the homes in our MHCommunity was one of the first to abandoned the state. I was finding it impossible to get any coverage and found that very frightening.

I have also learned that what we were paying before has very little to do with the current market. The unusual storm season last year has changed a lot of things here in Florida. And these days the cost of everything is jumping up to new highs.

Citizens is a State of Florida mandated pool that was set up to cover MH owners that could not find any other coverage. As you have discovered, other than Citizens, there are not many, if any, other options available to us, or to the agents we depend on to hook us up with the best deals.

The agent who is writing the quotes for our website submitters is not happy about the price structure either. The company that he wrote manufactured home policies for many years abandoned him and the customers he had brought to them. At the moment Citizens is the only thing out there for many of us.

We saw this same problem after Andrew. Then, after a few years of no serious hurricanes the insurance companies returned and prices stabilized. Lets hope and pray this is the first in a long string of years that we avoid destructive storms.

I raised my deductible to soften the new pricing impact a little. My new premium, at an additional $200 per year really only amounts to only three dollars and change per week. While I would rather not give this extra money to insurance this seems to be a very reasonable alternative for me to the nightmare of not having insurance.

Thanks for visiting us on line. Watch WWW.MobileHomeInsuranceQuote.COM and we will keep you up to date on this state wide crisis.
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