Chandeleur Homes

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Chandeleur Homes

Post by Elvira » Mon Apr 19, 2004 7:51 pm

Does anyone own a Cahdeleur home. This manufacturer was based in Alabama. If so I need to know what problems if any you are having.


Re: Chandeleur Homes

Post by rmurray » Sun Apr 25, 2004 6:21 am

Chandeleur Homes is part of the Champion Home Builders family of homes...It is a middle quality home like soooooo many others...Some good things..some not so good..

Good Luck

Lisa Wood

Re: Chandeleur Homes

Post by Lisa Wood » Tue Jun 22, 2004 8:31 am

In 2001 we purchased a chandelur home for Mt. Vernon. Il. we are very happy with the home itself.
For insurance purpose could you tell me how much it would cost to replace my home with a 2004 modle.
I have a 16x80, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1 living room with fireplace, and kitchen. In the kitchen it has glass doors, island with the stove in it.
modle number ch1aL08768.

If you could please help me.
Lisa Wood

Elizabeth Sloan

Re: Chandeleur Homes

Post by Elizabeth Sloan » Mon Jun 28, 2004 5:57 pm

I bought a 1996 16X80 Chandeleur Mobile Home. When I first bought it I had problems with the roof (it's tin). it would make all kinds of noise when the wind would blow. They had to come out and "stretch" the tin and re-attatch it. But I am having the same problem again. Also, I hope that your Water Heater never springs a leak because you will have to replace the floor and the cheap carpet that they use in these homes. If I had it to do over again I would NOT buy a Chandeleur Mobile Home. My Home was built in the Alabama Factory. I am trying now dto find an 800 number because I have a built in bed in one of my bedwooms that got damaged when my Water Heater leaked and I need to see if they have and can send me the parts to repair ift so that I don't have to redo the whole bed.
I am curious as to why Elvira is wanting to know if anyone bought Homes specifically from the Alabama Factory. Was there a problem in that Factory? I will say that I have seen other homes and my home is better than some and it is worse than some it all depends on who makes the Mobile Home.There is 1 thing that Chandeleur did that I don't like . They put carpet in the bathrooms, I think that is kinda dumb. Nice way to rot the floors out. Thanks for letting me vent.

Barbara Steward

Re: Chandeleur Homes

Post by Barbara Steward » Wed Oct 12, 2005 9:28 am

My Chandeleur home is a 1998 model. The roof is leaking into and onto each wall. The walls in my home are destroyed and you can smell mold everywhere. There are also soft areas on the floor as a result of the leaks. Not one fixture on the exterior was caulked. (including the lights at the doorways) They told me it was my fault for not re-caulking the face boards as it said in the warranty book. Fortunately I do have the warranty book and it says nothing about recaulking the boards and in the first place they were never caulked originally from the factory. I have had them recaulked professionally. The peofessionals told me there was no sign of original caulk. The plywood around my entire home is warping and disintegrating. You can see it just looking at theexterior. I will literally have to remove all of the siding and replace all plywood along with some areas of flooring at my expense. After the first year, Chandeleur has done nothing for me.
Does anyone know of any Lawyers wiilling to take on my case that has dealt with Chandeleuer/ Champion before? I don't feel as if my home insurance should have to take care oof this.


Re: Chandeleur Homes

Post by rmurray » Wed Oct 12, 2005 10:21 pm

I drove by the Chandeluer...Homes of Legend factory complex today..They have been empty for years....I doubt all the lawyers in thwe world could not help you now....I had been at a training session around the corner at Palm Harbor...One of the group leaders for us was a former salesperson from the plany your home was built at and he talked a lot about the management attitudes at this plant...nothing to be proud of.....

Find a good repair crew...and get your home fixed before it is ruined for good......

Holly Hale

Re: Chandeleur Homes

Post by Holly Hale » Wed Oct 19, 2005 3:11 pm

I am having the exact same problem as you are. i am very upset about mine as it is a 2005 fresh from the factory. I am fighting with the company as we speak. There should be a Mobile Home Commision in your State. I am going to recieve a complaint form from them to fill out soon. They told me that they would help me in anyway they could. I hope that this helps.


Re: Chandeleur Homes

Post by Rebecca » Thu Oct 20, 2005 6:20 am

In 1997 I purchased a Chandeleur Mobile Home. Just like you I called them out to repair and trade out my back door 2 or 3 times and my front door a time or two because of the excessive leaking in and around the door the outside light and the frame. Then the ceiling panels started to seperate and sag and they came to fix them, but I live in Baton Rouge, La. and they just got ot where it was a hassle calling them in from Alabama and they wanted me to just do it against my insurance. Ha. The water from continual rain showers then went from the roof to leaking down the walls just like yours. Now after being hit by hurricane Katrina and Rita there is no repairing this poorly put together mold and mildew infested shambles of a home. If anyone out there does know of or gets an attorney to handle this good for nothing company please let me know...

Areva Banks

Re: Chandeleur Homes

Post by Areva Banks » Mon Oct 24, 2005 8:50 pm

I have a 1995 16x80 and it is also leaking between the walls and ruining my floor in the living room and in one of the bedrooms. Otherwise we have not had any problems out of our home.


Re: Chandeleur Homes

Post by rmurray » Mon Oct 24, 2005 9:19 pm

Sounds bad enough to me....Just what would you have to have to consider this home a problem???

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