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Trading a Double Wide

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Trading a Double Wide

Postby » Mon Nov 22, 2004 9:05 am

My husband and I are trying to find a way out of our double wide. We currently live behind in-laws and are interested in moving. We were curious to see if modular home dealers do trade ins sorta like trading a car in for a newer model. Does anyone have information where I might could call or look on the internet? We are DESPERATE!!! Thanks.
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Re: Trading a Double Wide

Postby » Tue Jan 25, 2005 11:18 am

A few Manufactured Home dealers, will consider taking a sectional in on trade. What you need to keep in mind is how they will look at your home. How much trouble will it be, to remove from it's current site. Then it must be tore down, moved, put back together to resale (probably will have repairs needed), Then after the home is sold, this all must be done again. So there is a lot of handling costs involved, plus the dealer will have to make a profit. Now if it is an older home, this might not be worth while, then the home can be demolished or given to the in laws. We are located in the SW Pa. area, and would be happy to work with you, if you are also in this area.
Jim Chesky offline

Re: Trading a Double Wide

Postby » Tue Jan 25, 2005 9:20 pm

I'm sorry but I have to partially disagree with Jim this time.

On the re-sale market just like with new homes doublewides are generally more desirable and easier to sell then the singles. Most dealers are happy to take trade ins. I have been trading and buying and moving used homes around Florida for some time. I sold new homes at one time... but... I found a much higher profit in used homes then in new

Willis - make the rounds of the MH and Modular dealers in your area. The ones that are there for the long run will probably be pleased to work with your trade.

Jim is right about the cost of moving... it has jumped in recent years. Remember to take into that consideration when negotiating the value of your trade. The dealer taking the trade will have to move it twice. Once to his place and then to the next buyers location.

Have you considered relocation your existing home to a location where you would be happier ? Call a few MH relocation contractors, I know they are not cheep... but you may be surprised at how reasonable this alternative may be.

If your home is in good condition and you have reasonable credit you will be able to get financing on the home and land together and even pay off any higher interest loans you may have on just the home.
David Oxhandler offline

Re: Trading a Double Wide

Postby » Fri Feb 19, 2010 11:32 am

i see that on one of your replys someone had said they could help with financing for the move and land please let me know who it was i am desperate to get out of the park and have our own land
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