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Sell Fast

Post by Beth » Sun Jun 06, 2004 9:02 pm

We live in a single wide on a rented lot in Grand Junction, CO. My husband and I have been approved for our own mortgage finally after years of cleaning up our credit reports. We would like to help my in-laws sell this house fast so that we can move on to something bigger and better. We'd like to have a double wide and a little lot to put on a garage also. But we can't do anything until this house is sold. As far as we know the park will not let us rent out this house, we have not spoken with the owner directly but that is the way the rules read. We are planning on approaching them about renting temporarily until this house is sold. We are looking at the "We Buy Houses" people to see if that would be an option for a quick sale. My in-laws are looking only for a pay off, no profit needed for them. I have several questions so I'll start firing to see if anybody can help us or give some more information.
1. How does a trade in work?
2. Are there any property investors on this site that buy and sell properties? Are these big scams?
3. How can we make this house stand out over others for sale in our park?
We'd appreciate any help or advice anybody can give! Thanks...


Re: Sell Fast

Post by rmurray » Mon Jun 07, 2004 4:28 am

Expecting to sell a home quickly can lead to great frustration..Remember that a manufactured home is just that..a home...In the best markets any home can easily take months to find a willing and capable buyer.....

The "we buy houses" people you mention are investors...who buy home substantially below market price..Most that advertise will be looking for stick builts...but there are cash investors who buy manufactured homes..They will be offering at best about 50% of top market price..

Trade ins sometimes are possible...The retailer essentially buys your home from you and gives you credit toward the purchase of a new home..The retailer has a lot of incentive to buy your home because he will be getting the sale of a new one..To find out if this is a viable alternative you should talk to the retailers in your area..

Since you have not talked to any dealers should be getting up to speed on new homes...maybe buying one of the fine books in the bookstore on this site would be a good place to start...Decide what you want in the way of quality..features..size...check out that available land in your area..find out the costs of site prep and make sure you are happy with the eventual payment...All this can take months...during which you should be marketing your home yourself..keeping a trade in as a back up plan after a good attempt to sell your home at the best market price....

Congratulations on getting over your credit problems...take your time with this purchase and be prepared...if you pay all your bills on time...your new found good credit will only get better...Good Luck..

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