Solutions to Sagging Sales

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RE: Solutions to Sagging Sales

Post by EMS » Fri Jul 27, 2001 4:33 pm

Yes, it is time to pull out all the stops. Nobody will work harder for you than yourself. And remember - prayer works too!


RE: Solutions to Sagging Sales

Post by aikanae » Mon Jan 28, 2002 10:49 pm

solution to sagging sales?

try interest, honesty, considering all consumers?

had to say that - personally, i'm more comfortable buying a used car than a mobile. out of hundreds of dealers in several cities of a large metro area (phx) only a handful have satisfactory listings with bbb? i've been lied to, mislead, ignored, and discounted. it's a joke and yes, i listen to the 'pitch' and if they can't give me straight answers to some straight questions - i'm gone. did i also mention that it's easier to get a conversation going when i bring my brother along? yes, that a BIG SIGN FOR ME TO WALK AWAY.

it seems all the dealers are expecting me to try and max out my credit on a zero down, expensive loan and no - i don't want to do that. i want what i can afford and i already know what that is. i already know that it's not a rippling '83 with indoor/outdoor carpeting and 1/2" chipboard cabinets with pigmy sink, doors, tub and toliet. i can go down the road and see the same thing new in my price range and ready for an offer with normal sizes, better construction and appliances. do they really think i have stupid written on my forehead? i've only met one dealer that really seemed willing to deal (or sell in my book) the rest have been a waste of time.

that's pretty sad. i do hope the industry is regulated, severly.
i will have to say, i have not yet had one single call back from a salesman though. honestly, doesn't seem to me they are very interested.

i also agree with the comments before on realators and mobile homes - they really aren't very interested in handling them.

the industry in AZ (knew i'd be asked that) could really benefit by some proffesionalism though. i'm not too impressed with 'deals directly with the bank' either (but it was funny and the show was good) or spending 40,000+ for the 'big screen tv'.

i also think there should be some way to stay open later at night, after 5pm at least and run lights, cords or whatever you needed to in order to encourage working buyers to come in.

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