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Commissions for new PT sales employee

Posted: Wed Nov 20, 2019 3:20 pm
by kathdeno
I am new to this industry. I will be an admin, with opportunity (and expected of me) to sell. I have been offered a comparable hourly rate for admin and was told I would earn commission for any closed deal I make. The commission is based on the Price the Buyer paid, less dealer invoice, less rents, utilities and any other "unknown" cost. Once this number is calculated, the company deducts what they call a "Pack Fee". It is my understanding it is to cover overhead, lot maintenance, maintenance of model home(s) and potential "other" costs. The Pack Fee seems substantial - $5k. I am grateful for the new opportunity and to learn, so I have no issue during my initial employment and training with this commission basis because of the opportunity to learn. However, after a reasonable amount of time, and knowing I will learn all that I need to, get certified in any thing expected for this type of sales, etc. I want to have a more traditional (and lucrative) commission earning potential. Is this standard commission basis? If not, what would I ask for in a performance review or salary re-negotiation? Typically, after all of these costs, if a home sold for example, for $99,000, what would a seasoned sales person expect commission to be paid out at?
Thank you for any insight and guidance!