How to move to land

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How to move to land

Post by RobertSabrina » Fri Jun 18, 2021 7:58 pm

Hello, New here. Forgive me if I am posting on the wrong one. If I am please direct me to the correct one.

My questions are as follows. My husband and I are buying our home it is a double wide 1734 sq. ft we have been living in it for about 4 years now and owe about 79k. We live in the state of California in the city of Riverside in a mobile home park where the rent goes up every year with no cap we already pay $1,200.00 now in just space rent alone in an all age park with okay amenities but very strict rules. We want to move our home to land in a nearby city maybe 30 miles away where we have the ability to own something out right and make our own rules.

1. How much roughly does that cost to move and set up a manufactured home on land?

2. Can we consolidate a land loan and our mortgage loan we have no for our manufactured mobile home where we owe about 79k?

3. How much would it cost from us to buy the land roughly and consolidate our loan now? Like would we still need a down payment? Closing cost? Etc...

4. Does any one know of anybody who offers to help us with this? Such as lenders? Banks? Anything..

We are running into the problem of everyone telling us it cant be done. No bank wants to help us. We have a credit score of 785 and the money to move the home and set up we have been told it's going to be around 15k-20k. We have that.. but anything after that we might need to save up a little more before. So we are just looking for advice and if it can be done.

Thank you...

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