Looking for modular in Finger Lakes area, NY

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Looking for modular in Finger Lakes area, NY

Post by Holly » Fri Oct 22, 2004 8:51 pm

Hi, I have a lot of questions!

My husband and I have been looking at stick-built homes all summer and have come to the conclusion that we think we'd be happier with a new modular. There are 3 floor plans we like, but we are unsure about the dealer in our area - AGL Homes (Affordable Great Locations). Their BBB listing is satisfactory, but it says that the state sued them successfully and fined them for inproper setup.

Is there someone else we could go with, or should we just assume they've learned the error of their ways?

The first plan we are considering is by Sun Building Systems. It's called The Beech and has 3 bd/2ba. Are they a good company - does anyone know anything about this manufacturer?

The second plan we found on AGL's website - they just list it as "Ranch Modular 924" under their name.

The third plan is a Fleetwood Manufactured Home, The Beacon Hill 3704B. This is our favorite of all the 3, but we really want a modular. We are going to ask the AGL rep if we could get this in a modular. If we can - how does this work - does Fleetwood still make the house? I've read some not so good things about Fleetwood. Should we steer clear of this one all together?

We plan on getting a land/house package and putting our house on a full finished basement.

Thank you for whatever advice you can give me. I am nervous about the idea of buying a modular but excited at the same time. We rent a house that was built in the 1870s so you can imagine that I am sick of living in an old creaky home. I can't wait to get into something new!



Re: Looking for modular in Finger Lakes area, NY

Post by rmurray » Sat Oct 23, 2004 6:14 am

Geez...I was going to look up the companies web site and did a Google search on their name....WOW...

I have NEVER seen such bad press for any dealer...Having the Attorney General...the nationaly known Elliot Spitzer take you on directly would be unusual indeed...this office seems pretty busy with large scale crime in the big business world..

I read a few of the news reports from all over the state...even one published on a UK web site...Ouch..this dealer was quoted after the settlement with some beligerent statements after the settlement that would concern me even more...he was quoted as saying that none of these were really his fault..and this was a small portion of his customer...Well I doubt there are NO much larger dealer with this many government cases in all of thier time in the business..

Quote from the Leader On line,,, http://www.the-leader.com/articles/2004 ... ocal05.txt

""Jeffrey Cohen, company president, said the business was not responsible for many of the complaints.

"Of the 17 complaints lodged against us since 1997, six were dismissed outright and two others were lodged in error because they were meant for other companies," Cohen said Tuesday. "Some of them turned out to be manufacturer's error.""

This only shows the attitude...not at all an attitude of customer satisfaction...Most dealers who want customer happy will eventually fix factory problems and then take them on directly themselves..

I doubt that I would be talking to this dealer at all...

The Government press release....If I you are still considering this dealer..call the 800 number and ask about the progress of the case..

"Department of Law
120 Broadway
New York, NY 10271
Department of Law
The State Capitol
Albany, NY 12224

For More Information:
(518) 473-5525 For Immediate Release
February 3, 2004

Spitzer’s Office Obtains Reforms in Business Practices To Protect Consumers

Attorney General Eliot Spitzer today announced an agreement that will clean up the business practices of a major upstate mobile home dealer that operates in Chemung, Livingston, Niagara, Ontario, Orleans and Oswego counties.

Affordable Great Locations, Inc. was alleged to have repeatedly failed to properly install mobile homes in a durable, liveable, and safe manner in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions.

"This case demonstrates how the dream of home ownership can quickly deteriorate into a nightmare of shoddy work and unliveable conditions," Spitzer said. "My office will aggressively defend consumers’ rights against mobile home dealers who disregard their legal obligations to provide installation of homes that are safe, durable and suitable to occupy."

Affordable Great Locations failed to correct problems caused by its improper installation. When consumers complained, the mobile home retailer attempted to disclaim responsibility by contending that it was the manufacturer’s responsibility to perform warranty repairs. In some instances, Affordable Great Locations failed to respond to consumer requests for service and repairs resulting from improper set-up and installation.

Consumers who were referred to their mobile home’s manufacturer soon learned that their claim was rejected because Affordable Great Locations failed to properly install and set up their homes.

Since 2000, Spitzer’s office has received 17 complaints against Affordable Great Locations, most of which were related to installation and shoddy work.

State law provides that warranties on mobile homes apply to the dealers as well as to the manufacturers. Federal and state regulations also require that construction - including the assembly - of mobile homes and manufactured homes conform with accepted engineering practices and demonstrate acceptable workmanship and that installation be in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

One disabled single mother turned to Spitzer’s office for assistance because she had numerous problems with her mobile home including: walls improperly supported and fastened leading to separating and buckling and drywall cracks; improperly installed windows that bowed causing damage to the interior of the home and mold growth; and vinyl siding cut short and loose in several locations.

As part of the settlement, Affordable Great Locations agreed to repair all mobile homes and to allow the mobile home manufacturers to independently re-inspect the repairs. In addition, Affordable Great Locations agreed to pay $8,000 in civil penalties and costs to the state.

Finally, to protect future mobile home customers, the settlement with Spitzer’s office requires Affordable Great Locations to: Properly install mobile homes pursuant to the manufacturer’s instruction and in conformance with accepted engineering practices;
Conduct proper inspections of the installation of mobile homes; and
Respond to consumer requests for service and repairs within 30 days or, in the event that the condition of the premises become dangerous or would cause further immediate damage, complete repairs within three days of such a customer request.

Affordable Great Locations has been an authorized retailer of mobile home manufacturers such as Skyline Mobile Homes of Pennsylvania, Titan Homes of Sangerfield, New York, and Fleetwood Enterprises, Inc. of Riverside, California. It operates showrooms in Caledonia, Albion, Elmira, Lakeville, Manchester, Niagara Falls, and Phoenix.

Spitzer’s office acknowledged the assistance of staff at the Division of Code Enforcement and Administration of the New York Department of State.

Consumers have four months to file complaints with the Attorney General’s office to be eligible for relief under the terms of the settlement. To do so, individuals are directed to contact the Attorney General’s consumer help line at (800) 771-7755.

This investigation is being handled by Assistant Attorney General Carlos Rodriguez of the Rochester Regional Office.


Re: Looking for modular in Finger Lakes area, NY

Post by Holly » Sat Oct 23, 2004 6:39 am

Can you recommend someone else in the area then, that we could buy from?


Re: Looking for modular in Finger Lakes area, NY

Post by Holly » Sat Oct 23, 2004 6:42 am

Another dealer, or a manufacturer? Do we have any other choices?


Re: Looking for modular in Finger Lakes area, NY

Post by Holly » Sat Oct 23, 2004 10:23 am

OK - I took some time and found some other dealers in my area, specifically Better Living Homes and Key Modular Homes. Both read well in their respective BBB listings and I can't find any complaints about them as dealers.

Does anyone know anything about the brand of modulars they sell? Better Living sells only Ritz-Craft, while Key sells Ritz-Craft Medallion brand, as well as Excel Homes and Probill. I can't find any manufacturer called Probill on the web though, so I'm not sure if I got that last one right.

Any positives/negatives regarding these brands???


Re: Looking for modular in Finger Lakes area, NY

Post by rmurray » Sun Oct 24, 2004 8:58 am

I know little about these manufacturers....but I am sure you are on the right track now..there are probably other dealers with in 100 miles of your location as well..

Keep doing your home work...maybe someone else here will help you more...good luck..


Re: Looking for modular in Finger Lakes area, NY

Post by Babs » Mon Oct 25, 2004 11:35 pm

Holly, Where abouts in NY are you? I live in Prattsburgh,which is between Naples and Bath and we bought our DW from Owl Homes in Bath,NY and are very pleased with the company and the crew.I know that they sell Commodore and other makes of homes.If you are not to far i would reccomend that you check them out.There web sight is owlhomes.com.


Re: Looking for modular in Finger Lakes area, NY

Post by Karen » Tue Oct 26, 2004 12:44 am

Hello, Holly! I'm looking to move to Syracuse. Check out these dealers from the fingerlakes area http://www.ahsyr.com and http://www.american-homes.net .

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