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What is the top 5 manufactured retailers

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What is the top 5 manufactured retailers

Postby » Tue May 21, 2002 9:31 am


I'm searching for a new home, and I've been to a few places here in Dallas. I was wondering what is the top 10 builders and retailers. One of the places that I went to said that Champion was #1, then I went to Palm Harbor and they say they make the best homes on the market. Can someone provide me the top 10 or tell me where to go online to find that information. Thanks!

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Re: What is the top 5 manufactured retailers

Postby » Wed May 22, 2002 8:26 am


I would stay away from Palm Harbor. After touring their Austin, TX plant, I learned that they do not use a regular roofing felt or paper under their shingles, and they do NOT use a vapor barrier between the exterior siding and the frame of the house. This can be very important in Dallas. You need a good vapor barrier to prevent the buildup of mold or mildew in the walls, and you need regular roofing felt (15 lb. or 30 lb.) in order to stand up to the storms in the DFW area. Instead of regular roofing paper, they use a brown paper with a VERY thin layer of tar between the layers of the paper.

I don't know what other brands include these features, other than House Smart. Check with Randy Eaton about other brands.

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Re: What is the top 5 manufactured retailers

Postby » Wed May 22, 2002 8:03 pm

What is the average appreciation and life expectancy of a manufactured home?
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Re: What is the top 5 manufactured retailers

Postby » Thu May 23, 2002 7:37 am

The average life span is considered 55 to 60 years by those that do this type of thing...This is the same figure used for most stick built homes...Of course this assumes proper maintenence and care...

Appreciation is exactly the same as stick built homes...It is totally a function of location...If a stick built home is put ion the wrong will depreciate with time...because it wears out...the same can be said for manufactured homes...

But...if a manufactured home is in a highly desireable will appreciate at the exact same rate as a stick home in the same area..

Appreciation is only LOCATION<<>LOCATION

For further info and the studies on this subject..Authors names and such go to
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