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First time owner / finance

Posted: Thu Oct 24, 2019 1:27 am
by Jramsey84
I'm about to pull start the closing process on a loan , I didnt negotiate price at all on the house, 159900 lot model essentially 10k off advertised price but its sat on the lot for a year. I'm pre approved for the loan and going through the steps to get approval maybe even a few weeks from closing. I don't like my rate and very much want to do a va home loan , there really is no way to get that done by end of year so I'm doing the wrong thing and paying a downpayment and higher rate to get it now( va would be zero down) the sales lady has been clear that they are setting it up but on a rock pad ( calitche and ancors) but not set up to va standards, which are apparently a few thousand dollars more expensive and take some more time. I really feel like my rate sucks and deal sucks and the only redemption for me down the road is refinancing to a va home loan after 8 to 10 months so I can get the very good rates available to me from them. Am I going to look like an ahole if I start pushing for a va/ hud worthy foundation or no deal. ( I would reluctantly have to consider walking away from the deal)