Are we nuts spending $450,000 on a manufactured home?

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Are we nuts spending $450,000 on a manufactured home?

Post by ShawnaB » Sun Sep 10, 2017 5:08 am

Okay I wasn't sure how much space I had so that should say,

Are we nuts spending $450,000 on a manufactured home and a piece of land?! The land would cost 200,000 alone. Then we have the home and added costs.

The land is about 10 minutes from the beach. I did a quick calculation and the total comes to about 450 thousand. I just feel that manufactured homes are really attractive these days and the thought of having a decent amount of square footage and a brand new place is really appealing.

The houses in my area that sell for $450,000 at this time are about 1200sf ... A house I'd be interested in is at least 550,000 but that is out The budget.

I guess I just worry about the future ...if we ever need to sell it, could we get at least 450,000 for it, ya know? Can we live in this home forever or does it eventually fall apart? I've read comments like, my mf home is 12 years old and still doing great! And I'm thinking we'll it freaking better be, right? :lol: :shock: :shock: Like you just wouldn't hear those types of commmets with stick built homes because you expect them to last well over 30 years.

Anyhow, Any advice, thoughts? Words of wisdom? I'd appreciate it cause right now I'm ready to start pulling triggers over the though of having a beautiful new house :) thanks in advance.

Ps I noticed things are sllloooowwwwaround here. Haha I'll probably be all moved in before a response ..jkjkjkjk

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