Dealer says 25-35k for delivery and install! What?!

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Dealer says 25-35k for delivery and install! What?!

Post by Mamabear327 » Mon Jul 25, 2016 12:29 am

I've been shopping dealers in my area and two of them have told me that delivery and install (into a park) will cost between $25,000-35,000 dollars alone on top of the price of the home! I almost fell over when I heard that price. I live in So Cal (Orange County) if that matters and delivery will be local. My question is, does this sound correct? Is it costly because the manufacturer is far away from my county, does that even play a role here? Why so much and is that price negotiable? I was told this would be included as part of my loan so it's not like I'll have to cough up 25k from my pocket but this seems steep! I'll never see that money again! One dealer told me that I could avoid this by considering buying a new home that was already installed but how is that right? A brand new home that has been installed into a park already? Why would a dealer pay the fees to have it delivered and then space rent while it sits in a park unoccupied or UN-sold for that matter. Can anyone help by telling me wether this is accurate or not?

PS if anyone knows a good dealer in so cal, preferably Orange County that would be helpful, thanks

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Re: Dealer says 25-35k for delivery and install! What?!

Post by klghammerdown » Sat May 13, 2017 1:32 am

is this a single wide or double cause on the east coast i charged $1500-$2500 for single wides and $6500-$7500 for double wides within a 25 mile range or sales center , now that price varies that much due to site prep, size of home , and ease of access or how much trouble it will be to get home on site and how much equipment it would take. I know its so cal but id think it would be more in the range of $10,000 range. hope this helps some

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Re: Dealer says 25-35k for delivery and install! What?!

Post by KenBalbari » Thu Oct 05, 2017 1:57 pm

It might depend on what is included. I know some communities have particular requirements, including things like a carport, high end skirting (brick, stone, or concrete), even a screened porch, etc. This company for example, selling higher end manufactured homes, claims:
*Typical community delivery/set-up/AC and site amenities such as driveway, carport, garage, screen room, etc. can vary from $35,000 to $60,000.
So I'd think installation alone shouldn't be anywhere near that high, but the concrete alone for a driveway, carport slab, porch slab, and two sets of steps might run $10,000. High end skirting for a doublewide could easily be over $5000 installed (but Vinyl not more than $1500). The base price on a home usually also doesn't include the air conditioning unit, which can run a few thousand.

None of those things are typically included in home set up and installation, but if you are looking at your total construction costs to meet the requirments of a deed restricted community or park, you might need to include those things.

Also, an existing park lot may not have high costs for things like excavation, permits, connecting water and sewer hookups, etc., but especially if you are devloping on a private lot these costs can be higher.

As for transportation costs, yes they can be high. For that reason, most manufacturers are not able to compete outside of a 500 mile radius from one of their factories. And so this business is very regional. Best results come from finding a highly reputable local dealer and installer, and then choosing a home from them that is manufactured not more than a few hunderd miles away.

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