Should we pay for garage in MHP?

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Should we pay for garage in MHP?

Post by jfirzlaf » Fri May 28, 2021 1:53 pm

My wife and I are planning moving a new single wide home into a nice MHP on what is now a vacant lot in the park.
The park owner is going to pay for the foundation piers, and up to 1,200 sf of concrete driveway / parking pad.
We are paying for the transport, setting and skirting for $5,500.
This lot is an odd pie shaped deep lot with more room in the back and my wife likes it as it has good privacy.
The park owner said that he would like to see a 1 1/2 garage on that lot and we would be paying for it.
A 20 x 20 garage built on site would be around $16 plus the foundation.
This will be a temporary living situation for us for about 2 years, Then we will be selling it and moving.

Here are the questions:
1) Should we pay for the garage and if we do, will we get our money out of it when we sell in 2 years?
2) Will the garage be titled to us like any other structure even though it is not on land we own?

From the park owner's perspective, I think what he gets is a more attractive lot to rent and a higher lot fee with no investment.

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