2nd home will be manufactured too

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2nd home will be manufactured too

Post by David95966 » Wed Oct 16, 2013 10:05 pm

I'm the second owner of a 2003 golden west. I'm buying land to put in a new MH. I'd like the new MH to have a similar floor plan to where I live now. I'd like to buy a stripped-down modified version of my current MH, no flooring, fixtures or fridge, bigger closets, bigger more window etc.

Should I stick with golden west since I like the home I live in? Which manufacturer offers the best stripped-down deal. Which is good with modifications. Can any manufacturer make a floor plan like the one I have now?

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Re: 2nd home will be manufactured too

Post by rmurray » Wed Oct 16, 2013 10:29 pm

Thanks for coming here. There are many here who can give you advise. The HUd Code does require a manufacturer to meet minimum requirements. Examples would be flooring will have to be finished, window sizes and locations are covered in the code. Appliances are up to the buyer and it can come without but cabinets will have to be in. Plumbing fixtures will have to be installed and to meet minimum requirements. Electrical wiring and fixtures will all be in. Most manufactures do not do total custom floorplans because all floorplans must meet rigorous pre approval process to meet the code. Also total custom defeats some of the efficiencies of the factory process.All that said, I used to work for Palm Harbor who used to do even fully custom customer drawn floor plans.Most manufacturers offer substantial choices of floor covering, fixtures, cabinetry, exterior finishes. All of which they can include far less expensively than you or I could ever buy them for.
Check with your local Golden West and other dealers. Be sure they seem comfortable with custom ordering a home.

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Re: 2nd home will be manufactured too

Post by fredcdobbs » Fri Nov 01, 2013 8:22 am

Most plants can and will "knock off" any floor plan for a price, it's realy not that difficult,The HUD standards can easily be met by only the minimum requirements. I have been involved in many "stripped down" customer ready houses that only have the minimum to meet the standards.

The standards do not have a requirement of how much cabinet space is installed, there is nothing that prohibits an "extra" room that has plumbing stubbed up inside of a wall, or "extra" receptacles strategicaly placed at a height that would be just the right height for future contertop space, or a kitchen that has no overhead cabinets. There is no requirement for "finish" flooring in non "wet" areas as per the standards, finsh flooring in the HUD defined wet areas can be as little as an approved type of moisture sealer over the deck.

Another example and quite common in my area is tile roof ready, the roof is covered with 90lb rooled roofing and meets the minimum requirements for finish roofing. Once on site the tile roof is installed over the "finish" roofing.

It is very realistic to just order a shell and meet the minimum HUD requirements and finish the house your way. Omit all the appliances, omit the furnace as long as the provisions are in place for a heating system such as duct work, return air etc... Of course the factory will not warranty any work or materials that the customer performs, but the basic stucture warranty will be in effect providing that any work by the customer does not affect the structual integrity of the home.

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