Wind zone code

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Wind zone code

Post by JeffS » Sat Dec 22, 2007 9:38 pm

I own a 1985 Cavailer moblie and can not find a wind zone data sheet anywhere. I am currently in a wind zone two county and I wish to move it to the land I just purchaced ( within the same county ). Spoke to a local mover and this is when I found out about the wind zone regs. Nice suprise. Is there anything I can do about the codes. I have contacted the manufacture with no promiseing results. I was informed by them the HUD regs did not go into effect untill the early 90`s . Just seems a little unfair to regulate a home well after the fact. Can a wind zone rate be upgraded of recertified? Any info in this matter will greatly be appreciated good bad or other wise.

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Re: Wind zone code

Post by rmurray » Sat Dec 22, 2007 11:06 pm

They were wrong in some ways...your home IS built to the HUD regulations and standards...They were right in the fact that the wind zone certifications and standards did not take effect until after Hurricane Andrew which hit Florida in the early 90'2..HUD asked the states to REQUIRE all new placements of homes in HUD specified wind zone areas to be homes meeting the standards...Your home is grandfathered in its current location BUT cannot be relocated to any wind zone 2 or 3 area..For you to sell the home it will have to go a little further inland when relocated...You should talk to your local building inspector about the designation on your land...Very few counties in SC are completely Wind zone 2 or 3...Many have areas out side the wind zone...a general rule of thumb in SC is all land from I-95 to the beach is in a wind zone...But that is not exactly correct..Your local building official can advise you about your specific land...

This quote is directly from the manufactured home laws in SC..

"South Carolina is divided into two wind zones. Wind zone 1 is designated as a moderate wind speed area and wind zone 2 is designated as a high wind speed area. Federal law defines the wind zone 2 as all areas within the counties of Beaufort, Berkeley, Charleston, Colleton, Dorchester, Georgetown, Horry, Jasper and Williamsburg. All other counties fall within wind zone 1. All manufactured homes must be labeled to meet the minimum wind speed for the zone in which they are to be placed. Consequently, only homes built to wind zone 2 specifications, and labeled as wind zone 2 units may be placed in the nine counties listed above. Homes labeled as wind zone 1 or wind zone 2 may be placed in the remaining counties. The wind zone requirements are provisions of federal law and no exceptions or variances are permitted."

Looks like if you are in one of these nine counties you are out of luck...

There is NO proceedure to certify already built homes...

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Re: Wind zone code

Post by tonioj » Sat Jan 12, 2008 2:24 am

i have the same situation, i own a 1994 homestead plantation 28 x 70 manufactured home, it is currently in alabama, and i'm considering moving it to duval county (jacksonville area) and i don't know if i'm able to move it there due to the wind zones, and the local governments were not much help.. any suggestions as to how i can find out?

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Re: Wind zone code

Post by David Oxhandler » Sat Jan 12, 2008 7:43 am

Florida is very strict about wind zone requirements. All of the Jacksonville area is in Wind Zone II Unless you can show that your home was built to zone II or III requirements your going to probably find it imposable to get a placement permit, See the map below if your home is located in the southern most part of AL there is a possibility that it may qualify. If it is anyplace else in the state it is most likely not going to be built to Zone II standards

Each manufactured home must be designed according to the federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards, commonly called the HUD Code. The HUD Code stipulates, that the home shall be designed and constructed to conform to one of three wind load zones. The appropriate wind zone used in design is dependent on where the home will be initially installed. Homes designed and constructed to a higher Wind Zone can be installed in a lower Wind Zone. A Wind Zone III home can be installed in a Wind Zone I or II location. However, a Wind Zone I home cannot be installed in either a Wind Zone II or III area.

Give due consideration to the costs involved in prepping your home for the road, transportation and re-installation cost. These costs may make taking you home along more expensive than selling it where it sits and replacing it on the other end.

The cost of installation in Florida has become ridiculously high. All installs MUST be done by licensed contractors. Almost every building authority in the state charges very high permit and impact fees, and requires skirting and minimally a driveway apron, from the edge of the county paved road, across the grassy portion of the roadway to the edge of your property line. Here in MARION COUNTY FLORIDA the cost of installing a single wide is well over $15,000... NOT including the cost of installing water and septic or sewer. If there are public utilities the impact fees will be higher. If there are not you will have to shoulder the cost of drilling a well and installing a private septic tank system.

It is critical that you get s few estimates on ALL costs involved before you decide to move your home.
David Oxhandler
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Re: Wind zone code

Post by finboy71 » Sat Oct 04, 2008 9:13 am

I am not familiar with South Carolina but since these are federal laws i would assume the same rules apply to all states In Florida, Tampa Bay are you can place the 1985 Cavalier in any county. They are Grandfathered in and any home built between 1976 to 1993 is not regulated by wind zones. Homes build prior to 1976 will not be issued a building permit if they are moved (unless the move is because a park/land it is on has been sold and you "have" to move it) The home, when moved must be set to the new set up codes that came in to effect in 2000.

As for the person moving from Alabama to Florida, since your home is a 1994 it was build after the wind zone laws so if it is a wind zone 1 you can not move it to Florida, If it is a Zone 2 you will have no problem.

The cost of setting a singlewide for $15000 is extremely high unless you are counting in the impacts, site prep and so on. For a standard set for a single wide (delivery, blocking, leveling and anchoring) we charge $3500 but you can most likely find an independent contractor that will do it for around $3000.

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