Help-need zoning info on and transport of Park Model ANSI in Florida

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Help-need zoning info on and transport of Park Model ANSI in Florida

Post by GirlFriday » Sat Oct 27, 2007 4:24 pm

I recently purchased a 1994 Chariot 12 x 34 mobile home. I wanted to put it on property in Ocala(can't find any before it needs to be moved)So I decided to put in a park and sell(lease option as most don't allow you to rent out and I'm not 55 yet),met with a lot of resistance as it is "unusaul" looking. 1)I have to move it asap from it's present location and need to locate a transport company or individual and inexpensive storage place near it's location in Clearwater. 2) Need a place to set it up.

I can't seem to get a straight answer about whether I can put on private land. It is darling, it looks like a little cottage, 2 bedroom, 1 bath and a loft, lap wood siding, peaked shingled roof with dormers. I fell in love and did not have any idea all the obstacles I would run into.

I think it's a little bigger than 400 sq ft, if I am calculating the way they officially do but it is an ANSI model, from what I can gather, this is contradictory info-

INFO I GOT DIRECTLY from Chariot Park Model website--they weren't able to help me.

"What is a HUD Code Park Model?

Chariot Eagle Park Models fall into two categories:

The A.N.S.I. Park Model unit (under 400 square feet) is built to comply with the R.P.T.I.A. ANSI A119.5 Standard for Recreational Park Trailers. This type of unit is licensed and titled as a Recreation Vehicle.
The H.U.D Park Model (over 400 square feet but not more than 500 square feet) built to comply with the H.U.D. Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards. This type of unit is also licensed and titled as a Recreation Vehicle in Florida only.
Over the years Chariot Eagle has developed a comprehensive family of HUD code models in 12, 13, and 14 ft. widths. This flexibility allows us to construct a model that will work on most RV spaces in Florida.

Q: Can I put my park home on private property?
A: Typically RV Park Modlels are not allowed on private property. Park Model Alternatives (AZ), Manufactured Homes, and Modular Homes may be placed on private property, or in a community specifically zoned for each type of home. Please check local zoning regulations. "

Any specific info regarding zoning in Hillsborough and close by counties or an RV park that would allow my cottage, and an mobile home/RV transporter would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Help-need zoning info on and transport of Park Model ANSI in Florida

Post by rmurray » Sat Oct 27, 2007 7:46 pm

If it has a HUD seal ( pic below) it is a manufactured home and can go in any zoning area that allows manufactured.The data plate would have to have a Wind Zone 2 certification to be placed in most of Florida.If it has an ANSI seal at or near the front door..It is a recreational vehicle which would not normally be allowed into any residential area except on a short term special use permit..There are many RV parks and older manufactured home parks in the Tampa Bay area..Maybe some one else will be able to recommend one....The worlds largest RV dealer and park is in Seffner...They are Lazy Days...Some of their 100 plus sales folks might be able to refer you to a good location...They probably have a transport department as well..

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