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Post by luke » Tue Jan 14, 2003 9:19 pm

Thanks R MURRAY,
For your answers to my previous questions. I was wondering if you could give me some more info on FLINTSTONE INDUSTRIES and the homes they manufactured. Where was their market area, in particular, did they market homes in Eastern North Carolina? I am somewhat of an old mobile home junky. Im retired and have several dozen mobile homes that I rent out. I have sort of become a conoisseuer of mobile homes. Would appreciate any info that you are able to share.


the refiman


Post by the refiman » Wed Jan 15, 2003 6:40 am

Yes. Flintstone was sold in Eastern NC. They went out of business in 88 or 89. Then in 1990 Peach State Homes opened in their factory and produced a low end home. I believe they are still in business.

The Flintstone, although a low end home was really quite nice in fact they are one of the few homes that actually increased in value over time. I once had a NADA appraisal done on a 14 x 62 , 1986 Flintstone and it appraised for $14,000. It sold new for less than $7000.00.

By the way does anyone remember Don Tidwell and his Tidwell homes from Ga.?



Post by rmurray » Wed Jan 15, 2003 6:53 pm

I remember going to the Flintstone plant on a buying visit one time...what a site..Ocilla, GA is not much more than a cross road...the actual plant was about 6 miles down the road....2 lane no less...

Employees would report to work at 8AM...then the hwy patrol would close the road so that the trucks with homes could move out...They build about 100 homes a day...and moved them every morning...The road would stay closed for hours while manufactured homes move side by side heading for the nearest cross road in the middle of the town...Traffic there would be closed off for a while while they went through..

There wer nearly 3000 employees in the huge plant..every employee had a company suppled shirt with a large number on the back (sorta like a jail)...From the cieling there was a "bird cage" type observation area where 4 production supervisors would be watching all the action with bincoulars...If they saw a slacker they would hollar over a PA system the employees number and scold them to work harder...I remember scores of these when we were there...

No employee was allowed to leave for lunch...There had a large lunch room where a great down home Southern type meal was served free in shifts...This way no one was late returning from work...

The man who owned the company was a character as well...He would wonder the plant watching progress...Every Flintstone came with something special for the dealer..Sometimes it was a Chocalate pie, other times it was a large cake, in November it was a turkey...I remember the best smoked ham I ever had came with a Flintstone.

They shipped homes all over the Eastern Us...I had a friend who was the sales manager for the area West of the MS river...He even had dealers as far away as CO..

Peachstate did reopen the palnt after the owner of Flintstone died and the company did not make it....Peachstate continued the something special with each home tradition.....They included huge, quality cakes with every home...I am afraid they got into a little hot water with HUD and have since closed the plant after some of the bigger lenders banned them...

The industry is full of old history....



Post by Terry » Wed Jan 15, 2003 7:52 pm

Tidwell was a great company. My family owned business sold Tidwell homes that were made in Boaz, Alabama and out of Hillsboro, Texas, these homes were one of the best homes made by the Tidwell Homes. We owned several lots in the Midwest and the Southwest so we delivered them to each lot and they sold in a matter of time. They went under around 1985 or 1986. When the industry slowed down.

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