Inspections by the state, Manuf,dealer

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stan Dahl

Inspections by the state, Manuf,dealer

Post by stan Dahl » Fri Jan 03, 2003 5:55 pm

A year ago a state inspection was conducted on my manufactured home. The state invite the Manufacture but not the dealer. The state inspectors inspection could not be completed due to being directed elswhere. Manufactures contractor finished it.

Can the state do this legally? Am I not allowed a fair complete inspection.

The manufacture said all the problems with home were the dealers fault under set-up related problem. the State S&B inspector sent dealer notice to repair. 1 year later after dealer dispute for several months request an inspection. They hire a retired S&B inspector to do the inspection. The retired S&B concludes from all evidence gathered it was manufacture defects and that found no reason to say it was set-up related. our Department of Commerce did not agree and sent prosecution order to dealer. Dealer requests another inspection, finds a (IHCI) Independent Hud certified Inspector who also determines Manufacture defects and sends report to state DOC. The state Doc says they would not reavalluate thier decision because the IHCI man was not representing HUD at the time.

Is It legal for the DOC to do this?
Does the dealer have the right to prove thier case?

The DOC also said in a report that prosecution order was corrected and satisfied by the department.

Our house has never been fixed. The problems were wet, moldy, rotted and warped exterior wall boards. The manufacture said and state DOC wrote prosecution order that said based on the sub part I report supplied by manufacture that all problems with home are attributed to void of insulation at roof peak.

How can they say problems were corrected and satisfied?

If the home is unhealthy and unsafe to live in (dangerous) due to emminent defects, is HUD and DOC required to resolve in a ceartain amount of time.

We live in WISCONSIN

If you have answers that can help us get them to us asap and if you have any documents you can email in proof that would be appreciated. email me at [email protected]

Roy Bonney

Re: Inspections by the state, Manuf,dealer

Post by Roy Bonney » Fri Jan 03, 2003 6:38 pm

Only you and the parties involved know all the facts in this matter, so an opinion would be difficult without all the particulars. If you would like to read the code sections, for yourself, you can go to, and read the HUD Code. The procedural and enforcement section is 3282, you can also order your own copy of the code from the same site, for further reference. Sorry I can not be of more help.


Re: Inspections by the state, Manuf,dealer

Post by Richard » Sun Jan 05, 2003 2:51 pm

I've run up against the same 'pass the buck' situation with my SAA being involved. To top it all off, I also sent a second complaint to my SAA on their complaint form and got further results. My understanding of the HUD Code is that the SAA MUST investigate ALL complaints. The SAA must conduct a complete investigation and not assign that to someone else. The SAA is the recognized and HUD authorized agency. Of course there are only some thirty-six SAA 's. If not satisfied with the SAA and their lack of follow up, I would contact HUD. At this time, I have a government agency looking into the goings on with my MH and I have also exposed a complaint which was filed and ruled on by the Supreme Court of Appeals for the state of WV. concerning the practices of the SAA for that state.The manufacturer, the dealer, and the state seem to think that I am some idiot. Weel, that remains to be seen. Do not give up. keep the complaints rolling into every agency you can find. Even some of these private 'institutes' and state associations will do a bit here and there. Good luck.

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