New MH owners 2018 Clayton

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New MH owners 2018 Clayton

Post by denson » Thu May 13, 2021 9:12 pm

Hello we bought a 2018 Clayton 27X60' 6028-9054. According to our salesman it is a holdover that had 5 rejected 'purchases' over 3 was a show model 'demo' that was married on the sales lot then they split it and delivered it to our property. I had a 'certified' crew ( the stories i could tell about that later...) install the (36) 24" wide X 4' deep cement piers then recently another crew re=married the halves. Right now the siding is on the east and west sides for the first time ever. Here is the most important issues right now:
They leveled it with the approved 'water hose' method but the front door dead bolt COMPLETELY misses the target hole in the door frame. Yet the regular door knob latch just barely catches the hole so you can at least lock the door. A large carpenter square shows that the door jam is NOT installed correctly yet you read the Clayton sales pitch professing 'Quality".....
They installed the steel cross braces but ONLY in the SW and NE corners???...2 each corner 4 total..this is a flat windy area with NO trees for buffers and why oh why not at least the NW corner where the prevailing wind is....Also they must have installed the anchors into the concrete too far as EVERY one the nut does not catch enuf threads (can i attach pixs? NO it sez the JPEx file is too large...taken with Verizon phone...i will take a pix with my camera tomorrow...)
Anyway thanks in advance to this forum and any advice to us.

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