Basement for Manufactured home

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Basement for Manufactured home

Post by rpmlou » Tue Apr 20, 2021 8:04 pm

I'm ready to buy a new 15' wide x 54' long single manufactured home, and want to have a new 10' high poured wall basement installed to place this new home on our property. My main question is designing it correctly so it will last our lifetime without any issues. The manufacture of the home doesn't seem to have any engineering data on how to build the basement for this home. They normally install these on frost piers, and not over basements, no MOD options for this style. It appears that I will be leaving the two 12" tall factory lengthwise I beams in place beings that is how they build these units.
Does anyone have any engineered plans for this type of basement setup?
I'm concerned about how many I beams I'll have to use across the two factory I beams.
Will three or four 8" cross beams span the 15' basement under the two factory 12" tall support beams including the home perimeter resting on the walls too?
I'm being told this unit will weigh around 25,000 lbs total when delivered with appliances.
I'm pretty sure I have the fastening of the unit to the basement already covered.

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Re: Basement for Manufactured home

Post by lobuc » Mon Apr 26, 2021 2:16 am

You should be able to get the factory to build what you want within reason its just an upcharge. If I were you I would try modular first if it was in the budget if not try and go with as tall of a floor joist as possible with a tighter spacing. If you get the right span for the load the frame isn't needed. I had a factory build me 14' single wide modulars, built and transported on frame. Once it was onsite 1 guy unbolted frame from home in only an hour or 2 crane picked it directly off frame and set on basement in no time.

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