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Floor issues.

Posted: Thu Feb 04, 2021 3:47 am
by Kjnkid1986
The past 6 months we have had floor issues in our doublewide mobile home. It started out as a little squeak then turns into a bigger squeak. Then a week or 2 later, another spot does it. Then another spot, then another. We first suspected that it needed to be leveled because we had a hurricane past through and right after it passed we had hairline cracks pop up on our ceiling. We got it leveled but the problem got worse again. Then we were told that it could be moisture getting in under the bellywrap. Well we checked under the belly wrap and nothing is wet. Everything was dry. The only thing we did recently was remove the skirting and put lattice instead. Could this issue be caused by the lattice? I thought more ventilation would be better but maybe thats what made it happen.