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Concrete runners

Posted: Mon May 11, 2020 4:35 pm
by Pimentel2603
So I just purchased a double wide 26x56. Tape and texture all the way around. It was recommended that we get concrete poured so the walls don’t crack within a year or sooner. So we went with concrete runners. The contractor went out with his crew and leveled out the dirt then pour the concrete for the runners. When I went to go look at the job that was done I was not satisfied. I don’t know much about concrete runners but nothing leveled. From top to bottom the runners were about 10” to 11” unleveled. So it formed a slope downwards. Contractor said it was the proper drainage requirements. I understand that it need a drainage away from the house but 10” to 11” off is to much for me and I worry about the home later in the future even now. Please help. Can someone explain to me if that the right way?