Heating Duct Issues

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Heating Duct Issues

Post by EDanaII » Thu Jul 04, 2019 3:34 pm

I have a 30+ year old Cavco home that I inherited from my parents after their passing. Overall, the house seems to be in fine shape, but we're having an issue with the heating system. The house was laid down North to South with the living room in the East section and the kitchen in the South. The problem is that not all the vents in the East half will blow much air. West half seems to work fine, but the East, not so much.

The only clue we have as to why is that we opened up the skirt and, while the wind was blowing, we could feel a slight breeze coming up from them. This makes me think that the vents are somehow open/broken and catching the wind, but the only hole in that theory is that even the vents that are working show a little breeze too. Could be some kind of back-pressure, I suppose.

I haven't crawled under the house yet to see if I can locate the exact problem. I'm hoping for a little advice to tell me if I'm correct and/or to tell me where I might look regardless of my theory or not.

All that said, this is a summer home, so the issue of heating isn't all that critical, but it would still be good to understand the problem, especially if it might allow critters to get in the house or if there are any other potential issues with the problem.

Any and all clues appreciated.

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