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Clayton NTX Doublewide Roof Truss GAP

Posted: Fri Jun 14, 2019 10:44 am
by RHub
First time posting. We've discovered thru a roof leak on our 2018 Aimee after a 4" downpour. Some screws weren't sealed and repairs were made that resolved the leak. During this repair it was discovered that the roof trusses have a 4" gap at the ridgeline. Some of the roof has been repaired by nailing in 2" strips of decking and then securing 2x2 on each side to make up the gap under the decking Should I be worried about the gap/repair method or is it an acceptable repair? Concerned since it's such an import part of the home. I'm waiting to hear from my dealer/factory on what they plan to do to the other side of the roof and want to make sure I have good info from the experts before agreeing to their solution. Located in East Texas where it's been raining A LOT. Appreciate any advice!