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How to drywall and caulk?

Posted: Wed Jan 02, 2019 5:47 am
by Unindyawe
Ok, so this is an easy general question - that I can't find the exact sequence of steps for drywalling and caulking a single frame 2 leaf wall. Let's just focus on the one leaf... what are the steps once the wall is framed, electrical is run etc.?

Assume the inner leaf will NOT be on RC and will just consist of a layer of 1/2" and 5/8" drywall screwed to the studs.

Where do I caulk? Do I start caulking the perimeter of the wall before hanging any drywall ? Do I then caulk around each sheet of drywall? and then squish the next piece of drywall to the other already hung piece of drywall repeating this til all drywall for the 1st layer is done?

Or forget that - Do I just run some caulk over the joint between each piece of drywall? Then how does the drywall joint compound and tape work on top of that?

Or is it just use acoustical caulk wherever there is a small gap (along the floor and ceiling perimeter) and just drywall as normal... hang drywall, tape, joint compound, screw next layer with 1/4" gap from the floor and repeat?

I just can't find the clearest instructions on the actual steps of hanging the drywall and doing caulking for a studio type wall...

I do not want to forget any important steps...